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Dating websites can give people a "surprisingly high" chance of long-term romance, suggests a study published on St Valentine's Day.

Some 94% of UK online agency customers questioned saw their "e-partner" again after the first face-to-face meeting.

Bath University psychologist, Jeff Gavin, surveyed 229 adults, finding web dating worked "for many people". But he told BBC News that 4% of those customers who took part in the study "were already married".


UK-based internet dating agencies have an estimated six million subscribers. Most of these, Dr Gavin said, provided very little space for would-be romancers to describe themselves.

"Those people who wrote letters or sent gifts tended to help strengthen their bond."   Dr Jeff Gavin, psychologist

The bond formed between customers came, instead, from later communication, particularly online chatrooms. This was a more "immediate" way of communicating than e-mail and allowed people to express their true feelings.

However, only 9% of chatroom users chose to converse via a webcam, most "shying away" in favour of "text-based relationships". Dr Gavin said: "What struck us was how the more traditional aspects of relationships seemed strong.

"Those people who wrote letters or sent gifts tended to help strengthen their bond." Almost one in five of those interviewed had started a relationship lasting more than a year via a dating website.

Dr Gavin said this represented a "similar level of success" to partners who had met "in more conventional ways". Male website customers tended to be "more committed" than female ones,swiss replica watches as subsequent chatroom conversations gave them a way to express their feelings which did not normally exist.

Dr Gavin added: "Lots of people join sites because they don't get time to go to bars and clubs to meet.

"When online dating agencies first started they were quite standard. Nowadays there are all sorts of niches.

"There are gym-goers' sites, where fit people meet other fit people, Christian sites and university graduate sites - it's incredibly diverse."11 can't-miss shows for your next New York visit

Face recognition software patent published

Microsoft is developing a mobile dating application that will play on that oh so human of traits - narcissism. Details of a patent entitled Image-Based Face Search have been leaked onto the web.

It appears that the computing giant is developing a complex facial recognition software application. The Rolex Replica Watches patent explains how a photo could be uploaded from a mobile phone or PC and compared with millions of other pictures to find similar matching faces.

So whether you are looking for a partner who will compliment your looks or someone who looks like the celebrity you have idolised since you were 10 - this could find them.

The software also includes a HotOrNot style application for which the user is shown a face and then rates it according to how attractive they find the person. And it allows you to go into details - for example - do you like their hair colour; is their nose too big etc.

Microsoft can then take this information and find some matches that are more suited to the user's tastes.In 'The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter,' Katherine Ellison sets out to prove that moms really may know best replica watches. Read an excerpt

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