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How do I Join?

My account does not work after submitting my application, why?

How do I ensure my application successful?

How do I search for my dream date?

How do I communicate with other users?

How do I send Kisses?

How do I know some one has contacted me?

Joining Dating Kingdom

This Site is totally free. Simply click the JOIN NOW button on the menu and fully complete your details (form) and upload a head shot (facial) photo. Once you have submitted the registration form, you will be our newest member. Your profile will be exposed to potentially millions of visitors as well as Dating Kingdom members.

My Account Is Not Working

After your registration, you will receive an email from us to confirm your registration. Please be patient as your account will not be activated at this stage. Your application and photo will be examined and approved by our management team. If we are satisfied with your account information and your photo upload we will activate your account. Membership and photo approvals are usually completed within a few hours. Once your membership is approved, a ‘Welcome to Dating Kingdom email’ will be sent to you. If for any reason your application has been disqualified, we will also email you to explain the reasons why and we will also advice you to re-apply.

Important: You must turn off your spam blocker on your registered email or you may not be able to receive our messages. If we are not able to contact you, we may disqualify your membership.

Ensuring A Successful Application

To get your application approved:

  • You must use a valid email address

  • You must use an email address without spam blocker or you will not be able to receive our messages. If we cannot contact you, we may delete your account.

  • You must complete all 9 steps of our registration procedure and fill out all the information

  • You must upload a clear and un-tampered photo

  • Your photo must be in portrait format and must be no bigger than 300 x 400 and no smaller than 150 x 200 pixel size.

Search Functions

You can make a search in 2 ways:

Quick Search
This function allows you to perform an easy search of all users who have birthday today, id, if they are online, those on your friend list and new members etc.

Advance Search
In this option you can find other members based on very specific criteria. Nearly every field from other member’s profile can be searched with this search feature. This function allows you to get search for perfect matching results.

To view members online, click on Quick search from your homepage, scroll down, then click on Who's Online, Until you use the Log Off menu feature, you will remain in the Who's Online list.

How To Communicate

After you logging in to your home page, click on My Communication Tab, there you can instant message each other and chat in real time right on the site using text based chat or using audio and video chat if you have a webcam. You need to activate the video and audio function on the chat window. To activate the audio and video function, simple click on the A or V or Settings button under Me on the dock. A small window will be opened to allow you to adjust the audio and video functions.

How To Send Kisses

First, log into your member’s area. Search for a member that you fancy and click on the link "Send a Kiss". This is a great function if you don't know what to say when typing your messages. By simply clicking on a link, this function allows you to let someone know you are interested.

Internal Communication

All internal communication goes through our automation email alerting system. For example, when a member contacts you or sending you kisses or has rated you, an automatic email will be sent to your registered email address to alert you. You can then view the sender’s photo and profile and decide whether to reply them. This communication method protects your privacy especially if you want to be selective who you want to be friends with. You can also put users on your Black List which will filter them out from contacting you.

We use very secure encryption to send data back and forth, from you to our servers. We keep your personal identifiable information very confidential. Any information we collect such as your real e-mail address, is kept from the view of other members. Whenever we have discovered a member who is suspicious or has the potential to defraud other members, their membership will be disqualified immediately.

Important: You must turn off your spam blocker on your registered email or you may not be able to receive our messages.

For further information or Answers you don't find here, Please contact us.

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