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Advice Section: Safety Tips

Use a nick name and be anonymous

It is best to use a nick name or your user name although it is perfectly fine to reveal your first name at the early stages of your correspondence with an internet stranger. Beyond that, please use utmost caution. Think to yourself, is it prudent to tell someone who you don't know from Adam or Eve, your last name, your home address, your work address, your email address or your telephone number? The correct answer is NO and not until you feel extremely comfortable and sure with that other person. It is always good practice to remain anonymous until you feel safe and ready to take on any further steps.

Note: If you use a user name with sexual connotations you might attract more attention but at the same time you might give out the wrong signals and attract the wrong persons who are looking for only one thing in their relationship. Never post personal contact information in your personal profile, blogs, forums or chat rooms. It is against the Agreement of our terms and conditions in doing so and your membership could be terminated if you were found publishing any personal details onto any public areas. Furthermore, your personal information can get into the wrong hands and endanger yourself as a result.

Use an anonymous email address

Datingkingdom.net uses an internal emailing system to protect members' identities. If you are using a personal email address at the later stage, you should set up a third-party email address at providers such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoomail etc.

Note: Be sure not to prefix your email address with your full name. Also make sure to turn off any information giving away your real identity in your email.

Don't mislead someone with your Personal Profile

Honesty is still the best policy. Let's face it, when you are typing away from a distance, it is easy to mislead someone about yourself. Well, misleading is a polite way to say you are lying. Honesty breeds honesty. Stick to the truth and, chances are, the other person will follow suit. Have you ever spoken to a business contact on the phone and then when you met them, they looked entirely different from the way you had pictured? Exhibit current photographs and not the one taken at the beach 20 years ago when you were young, skinny and cute! This is a good way to determine whether you are attracted to the other person and it is a good safety measure too. So, it makes sense only to post the recent photographs and be totally honest about your age and marital status on your personal profile.

Note: Consider that, you might have to meet up with the real person offline one day and your misleading information could only cause hurt, anger, resentment and termination to your relationship.

Block the Abusers

If you feel uncomfortable, harassed, abused or threatened by any inappropriate behaviour in anyway, do not hesitate to block your correspondence with the abuser immediately. Datingkingdom.net provides you control to segregate misbehaved people onto your Black list.

Note: Once you have blocked the abuser on the Black list, we strongly advise you to report the abusive incidence to Datingkingdom.net.

Use your head and don't get over excited

When arranging your first or second or even third meeting with a person, don't let excitement to take over your common sense. Make it clear that you intend to meet them in a public place and arrange all transportation on your own. Never meet your date in their home or a hotel room. It is not a smart idea to be alone with someone you have just met. Do tell a friend where you are going to, whom you are meeting and what time you expect to return home. Do take your cell phone with you in case of any contingency. Keep yourself sober and try to stick to non-alcoholic drinks only in your first meeting. Do not leave your drink or personal belonging unattended when going to the washroom. Don't invite your first dates home and do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable with.

Note: Do not let anyone pressure you to set up a second date especially if you do not like or do not feel comfortable with the person. If they are genuinely interest in you, they will respect your decisions.

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